I finally hit Janna 3 Star. Her Tornado covers the whole board.

Teamfight Tactics set 8 Monsters Attack gameplay by shurkou! Teamfight Tactics new set 8 gameplay showcasing the TFT greatest comps in Monsters Attack set 8. TFT challenger rank up journey by shurkou in Teamfight Tactics set 8 Monsters Attack patch replace. TFT Monsters Attack gameplay utilizing all group comps with MECHA PRIME Draven, MECHA PRIME JAX, Mascots, NEW Admin Trait, Underground comp, Threats, Ace Samira carry with Sureshot Aphelios Legendary 5 price, Gadgeteens with Nunu Legendary 5 price and naturally 7 Anima Squad Vayne and Riven 3 Stars. I’ll be operating all the loopy and funky TFT combos with 5 Mecha: Prime, 7 Anima Squad, 4 Ace, 6 ADMIN, 5 Underground cashouts, 9 Star Guardian and full 3 star Supers! Hope you may take pleasure in my Set 8 Monsters Attack gameplay information!

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