Alpha Male RAGEQUITS Panel on Relationships | ft. @AuthenticAlphas

Panelist quits second debate on the prescriptions we must always give to women and men surrounding cash in relationships, regardless that everybody apparently agrees. Joined by NotsoErudite’s notorious husband Nick.

Streamed 11/08/2022

0:00:00 Intro
0:01:00 Traditional vs Non-Traditional Relationships
0:07:09 Redpill Idolizing Islam and Resenting Women
0:17:22 Traveling to Foreign Countries for Women
0:23:10 Nick Joins – What do Women Need Financially
0:27:00 NotsoErudite Joins – Entitled Women (and Men)
0:30:21 Prescriptions for Better Partners
0:39:45 Transactional Relationships
0:44:08 Should we Settle for Financial Relationships
0:57:02 Material Girls have the Microphone
1:04:26 Everyone Agrees and the Debate Ends Peacefully
1:05:17 Fatherlessness to Blame?
1:12:28 Need for Wealth in Relationships
1:21:45 Will Women Invest in a Man?
1:29:50 Women Choose the Highest Bidder?
1:40:00 Being a Good Partner/Parent is Free
1:44:00 Alpha Male Demands Respect

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