wet tissue packing equipment,wet tissue packing machinery,wet tissue wrapping machine,flow pack

wet tissue packing gear,wet tissue packing equipment,wet tissue wrapping machine,stream pack
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‼️‼️Foshan Ruipuhua Machinery Equipment Co. Ltd ( Named REALPOWER additionally), who’s specializing in manufacturing packaging gear and Automatic packaging options for nearly 20 2⃣0⃣years in China.

According to the feeding method, the packaging gear has two varieties:👇👇
👉👉1. Semi-automatic packaging gear. ( guide feeding) In different phrases, guide put merchandise within the infeed conveyor in packaging equipment.
👉👉2. Fully automated packaging options for bread, cake, bun, moon cake, hamburger, cupcake, and different meals {industry}.

According to the {industry}, meals packaging equipment and non-food packing answer have 8 varieties:👇👇
🔴1. Bakery🍩🍕 packaging answer, resembling cake packaging gear, Swiss roll🍰 packaging system, bread 🍞packaging gear, Mamon🍮 packaging answer, layer cake packaging system, bread curler packing gear, hamburger🍔 packaging equipment, and toast bread packaging line. This kind of bakery packaging answer could be geared up with an air charging machine or nitrogen charging machine to enhance the bundle life span.
💯👉👉The bakery packaging answer leakage charge is lower than 0.03%.
🔴2. Chocolate bar 🍫🍫packaging equipment.
🔴3. Wafer packaging answer. Single wafer packaging equipment, household wafer packaging gear, and the mixed packaging answer with single water and household wafer.
🔴4. Peanut bar packaging machine, cereal bar packaging system, power bar packaging equipment, protein bar packaging gear, and rice crispy packaging answer.
🔴5. Soap🧽️🧼️ bar packaging answer
🔴6. Biscuit packaging options, resembling cracker biscuit packaging machines, cookies packaging gear.
🔴7. Candy bar packaging options.
🔴8. Snack packaging answer.
🔴9. Other kinds of automated packaging gear.

🎉🎉💞Attractive factors:
☑️With packaging gear equipment operation guide video
☑️Packaging equipment set up video
☑️Online engineer support for automated packaging gear
☑️Capacity: Up to 80-300 pcs per minute per line.
☑️Optional: air charging or nitrogen charging machine.
☑️With European CE and ISO9001 high quality system for the face masks making gear and automated packaging gear.

🎉🎉In August.2018, bought packaging industry-standard honor on CCTV2 Central tv channel.
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🎉🎉In February.2019, grow to be automated packaging machine {industry} commonplace maker chief f o o d p r o c e s s i n g m a c h i n e r y s t a n d a r d s (SAC/TC494/WG14)
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