Oh..No…•meme•{gcmm}///gacha club///NO GACHA HEAT!!(read description)

Luca (mah buddy)
John (Luca’s massive brother[not real])
my Baby Charakter
my male Charakter

(Charakter made by me on gacha membership)

if you’d like you may contact me on instagram:

half 2:
half 3:
half 4:

‼I’m not relationship Luca it is only a mem for enjoyable‼
‼It shouldn’t be a sexual course of‼
‼Luca has taken Mimi solely taken away the hoodie as a result of it’s his hoodie‼

Mimi do not relationship Luca and he additionally do not need to date Mimi(not but btw xD)!! that is only a mem for enjoyable!!
when you guys shiping them it is okay for me. I respect that :3
I requested Timmy how he is considering the ship and he meand that is okay for him too btw
(for individuals who do not know who’s Timmy:
Timmy is my actual greatest buddy. He created his personal Character and named him “Luca”[the boy with red hair and where the hair is over one eye and green hoodie])
it is no gacha warmth
the thumbnail is only for consideration!!
I do not know why however many individuals simply click on on it bc of this thumbnail-
the else video with this thumbnail type:

it is not Mr. krabs or ben 10 ;^;
(some peoples mentioned they seem like them however I dont know whos ben 10 I simply know Mr. Krabs and I dont suppose in order that they’re seem like him)

my final video:

my new video:


right here take this ckooki 🍪
when you dont like ckooki’s here’s a grape 🍇
when you dont like grapes… right here:
a number of fruits :b
when you dont like fruits- I’m sorry °^°

thanks for watching and skim the outline ^^”
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thanks all in your support 💫
Love you all 💖💫

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