Listen to this before using the Roman Wipes!

Some good to know issues before shopping for and using the roman wipes.
In this video, I’m going over some steadily requested questions from my evaluate of the wipes. Everything is roofed in this video from how lengthy they final for, or if there’s any numbness created.

The promescent spray is an effective way to delay ejaculation and is straightforward to use. 3 sprays helped to give me peak efficiency.

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49 thoughts on “Listen to this before using the Roman Wipes!”

  1. how do i order this without my parents finding out, I feel like its impossible, they are always home and know when a package gets delivered. Do they sell at stores or is it just online?

  2. Session? No bbj? Hooker much? And yes the wipes will numb their and it’s pretty much the same ingredient as orajale. So save your funds and coo those instead of you want to go that route.
    But Maryjane always helps me put on my A+ D game. Mary, Molly and Gina always fun with +NA

  3. I just use Cialis. I am 50 and last long even all nighters with breaks but I can go an hour or so when I'm into it. When I was young I couldn't last 10 minutes. Now on testosterone at 50 I'm a beast. I want to try these wipes. Maybe last 2 hours instead of just 1 hour?? Sweet

  4. Do you think that if I used the wipes than showered to clean off the taste for my partner for oral would it still have an effect in terms of lasting long without her having the numbness feeling in her mouth?

  5. I'm just questioning the awkwardness of a girl you're not in a relationship with seeing it cause how you gonna do it without her seeing you use it lol I do need it tho I last like 7-10 min 😭

  6. Since I weened off SSRIs for anxiety, I have found myself being 10x more sensitive in that area than before I was on ssris. I'm still average 10-15min, but I always use to be the one that comes last. And I could control it. Now I need some help. Bathmate control burns after about an hour, tong balm has a really bad taste for her. We are open about it all, so looking for that something something in between, no burn, no nasty taste. I'll check it out.

  7. Hey where do u apply the cream inside the D or outside on the skin? &ima be scared for her to suck my D should I wash it off after 5 minutes and then go or let her suck it without washing?

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