Single Sachet Wet Wipes Packaging Machine|Alcohol Wet Wipes

This single moist #wipes #packaging #machine is straightforward to function, PLC contact display, can modify the packaging temperature and pace in response to the packaging materials, product thickness and size. servo motor.
Through the management of sunshine, electrical energy and fuel, the fault will be self-diagnosed and displayed clearly. The working system language will be Spanish, French, Korean, Russian, Japanese, Arabic and different native languages.
Single sachet moist wipes packaging machine is used to provide single piece moist tissue of 4-side sealed bag. It can do the work of folding, chopping, bag-forming, water-adding, slicing, code-printing and counting, with packaging pace 60-120 luggage/min. Effectively keep away from secondary contamination through the packaging course of, the entire compact, respectable, protected, is at present the popular tools bundle of wipes.

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