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disinfecting FOR HARD SURFACES

How to disinfect laborious surfaces in your house, akin to counter tops, sinks and so forth. with two pure merchandise.


Prior to disinfecting, wash laborious surfaces with scorching cleaning soap and water to wash the floor of any dust or particles.

Pour hydrogen peroxide into an opaque bottle with a sprayer or put a sprayer on a brown bottle of hydrogen peroxide.

Pour white vinegar right into a bottle with a sprayer or put a sprayer on a quart bottle of white vinegar.

Taking the hydrogen peroxide bottle, utterly mist the floor of the realm you might be engaged on. Do not wipe.

Take the vinegar bottle and mist that over the peroxide.

Let this sit 5 minutes after which buff with a paper towel to dry or let dry naturally.


By wetting down the laborious surfaces, akin to counter tops in kitchens and loos and different laborious surfaces, it is going to disinfect the realm for germs, micro organism and viruses. Do not spray and wipe. It, like all disinfectants, should sit moist on the floor for 5-10 minutes to work.


To disinfect, the peroxide and vinegar MUST sit on the floor 5 MINUTES holding it moist, in any other case it won’t work. Hydrogen peroxide should be saved in an opaque bottle just like the one it is available in. If it’s uncovered to mild and can deteriorate and develop into water and oxygen.


Peroxide is a robust protected disinfectant, as is white vinegar. Hydrogen peroxide not solely works on micro organism, it additionally works on viruses such because the coronavirus.


24 – 32 oz spray bottles from the $$ Store have a sprig high that may match on hydrogen peroxide bottles and quart white vinegar bottles making it simple to make use of. disinfecting can solely happen when the floor stays moist with the disinfecting product for 5 – 10 minutes. When coping with viruses that is notably necessary.

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