Coronavirus: What You Need To Know: Clean, Sanitize, Disinfect

Missed Notes throughout video:

-Don’t freak out. It’s gonna be okay.

-If you realize you’re sick, that is the time for taking every day showers to shorten the size of the illness time. Then, clear, sanitize and disinfect the bathe and bathtub after every use. Don’t reuse soiled towels. Those go within the wash to be washed..
-It’s pronounced: “Cavi-Wipes.” The General Population would not must get them organized.
-IT’s NOT A DISEASE!!: Please cease calling it that =^.^=
February 2020 National Concern with coronavirus outbreak.
Patient Rights And Responsibilities Informational Video.
Clean: A spot for all the things, and all the things in it is place.
Sanitize: The use of scorching water.
Disinfect: The use of chemical compounds.
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