DH-12 wet towel folding machine, baby wet wipes packaging machine, wet tissue making machine

Quanzhou Donggong Wet WIpes Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
Email: machine@donggong.com
WhatsApp.: +86 15659726323
Web: www.donggong.com

We are a number one wet wipes packaging options supplier in China included in 1985 .

We provide a whole vary of wet wipes equipment merchandise in these classes:

– Single/Double sheet Wet Wipe tools (for resort/restaurant use)
– Small pack Wet Wipe making machine ( beauty wipes, pocket measurement wipes, intimate wipes)
Baby wet wipes production line (Baby wipes, family wipes, physique wipes)

If you have got curiosity, we’re keen to ship you some technical recordsdata on your reference.

Whatsapp me or name me through +86 15659726323
Skype : zoe-donggong
Email : machine@donggong.com
Company internet:www.donggong.com

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