Ellie's Wardrobe and Talk❤

Might Sell Ellie..Gonna repair her up..Gonna do her nails..If I do promote her not precisely positive but..But if I do..She we’ll include..a pair hats..a ton of onsies..and 2 onsie jumpersuits..and a cute Baby wedding ceremony gown factor..and 2 regular cute outfits with a jacket❤ And numerous sockies..and 2 Pacifiers and 2 clips..and if i determine to purchase Ellie extra pacifiers for the promoting course of..than I’ll let y’all know! I’ll in all probability be promoting her bassinet seperatley for $20. She will come along with her 4 blankets plus the minerature Baby easter blankie i bought her!! And her pacifier wipes..which can be fruit scented!! She will come along with her Secret Life of Pets Bunny Stuffed Animal!!❤ She can even come along with her 5 headbands❤She has a 2oz preemie bottle which is pink with Ballerina Shoes on it and Ribbons I consider!❤

CAUTION: If I by probability..promote Ellie..she CAN NOT BE STUCK IN WATER!!!!!!!! You can scrub her down with a moist towel ever so gently!!❤❤

My instragam is @rebornmommy1317 go observe and keep updated with the promoting course of, if I do promote her.❤

My electronic mail is rebornmomny1317@gmail.com if it’s good to come up with me!

But that’s my Instagram and The One is my Email!! So Direct Message me on Instagram or You can Email me with my Email!!❤

I feel that covers all of it, if I have to replace something I’ll surley be glad to do this!❤

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