How to Varnish Wood

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Varnishing wooden requires endurance and a focus to element. Follow these steps to get a wonderful, long-lasting end.

Step 1: Prepare your workspace
If you are inside, make sure that your work area is effectively ventilated and freed from mud. Lay down newspaper to defend the flooring. If working outside, select a spot the place wind won’t blow mud and particles onto your freshly varnished floor.

Step 2: Prepare your floor
Give the wooden a lightweight sanding with very positive grained sandpaper. Sand with the grain of the wooden, not towards it. Wipe the wooden clear with tack fabric.

Lay items flat to keep away from runs within the end.

Step 3:
Use the best varnish.

Step 4: Thin the varnish
Thin the varnish by mixing with an equal half mineral spirits in your container. Thinning ensures a tough treatment.

Step 5: Apply the primary coat
Apply the varnish towards the grain to a small space. Immediately go over the identical space once more with the comb, this time with the grain, and repeat over the entire piece. The first coat acts as a sealer.

Do not depart your varnished piece in direct daylight or it is going to dry too rapidly.

Step 6: Prepare for the second coat
Allow the primary coat to dry in a single day or longer. Then sand the piece once more with very positive sandpaper. Wipe off the mud with tack fabric.

Step 7: Apply the second coat
Pour the varnish into your container. Do not skinny the varnish. Apply the varnish with the grain.

For greatest outcomes, apply varnish in skinny, even coats.

Step 8: Add extra coats
Add extra coats as wanted, sanding flippantly earlier than every software. If utilized correctly, varnish will present a wonderful and sturdy end for a few years.

Did You Know?
Varnish discovered on 2,500-year-old Egyptian mummy instances nonetheless seems to be good right this moment.

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